About Rob Dixon

Rob Dixon (Radix) is a generative artist and game designer.

He's been creating generative art since the late 1990's when Flash made creative coding accessible on the web. His artwork explores themes of identity and alienation, and the bridging of the digital and the organic.

Rob lives and works in Marin County in Northern California.

Exhibitions and Events

  • 2024, 'Windwoven #52' at 'Edouard 2024' exhibition, NFT Factory Gallery, Paris, France
  • 2024, 'Ballistics Box,' a top prize winner at 'MESH Fair' (virtual exhibition), Decentraland
  • 2023, 'Proof Diamond Exhibition' (group show), Foundry Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • 2023, 'Ballistics' at the Art Blocks Activation Exhibition, St. George Hall, Marfa, TX, USA
  • 2023, 'Windwoven 1001, 1002, 1003', House of Web3, San Francisco, CA, USA


Art Series by Radix