Order Prints for Eccentrics 2

We’re ready to print some Eccentrics 2: Orbits!

If you own an Eccentrics 2 NFT, use this form to request a signed, physical print of your Eccentrics artwork: Eccentrics Print Order Form

Prints are made by a local print shop from 300 dpi files using archival-quality inks and smooth, matte-finish archival paper. They are signed by Radix/Rob Dixon on front and back and inscribed with the mint number.

Only one signed print will be offered per mint number.

Prices are in Eth to make it easy to validate the NFT owner's Ethereum address. Here are the prices per size:

  • 24x24 inch print: 0.10 Eth (this size is great for most spaces)
  • 30x30 inch print: 0.12 Eth
  • 36x36 inch print: 0.15 Eth

Shipping to the US and Canada is free. International shipping is 0.01 Eth extra per order.

Prints have already been ordered for the following mint numbers: 16, 62, 100, 222, 457.

If you are buying an Eccentrics 2 NFT in the secondary market, you can check the list above to see if that mint number has already been printed.