Of Rewards and Social Clubs

I’m planning a new Radix Art release about a month from now. It’s a fun Eccentrics-related concept, but different from what’s come before. I’ll be airdropping the whole collection for free, to reward collectors who’ve supported my art on ArtBlocks!

The concept lends itself to about 100 mints. I want to distribute them as fairly as possible, so here’s the plan.

Qualifying for the Reward Drop

To qualify, you need to hold at least one NFT from two or more of my ArtBlocks collections: Inspirals, Eccentrics, and/or Eccentrics 2: Orbits. For example, you could hold one Inspiral and one Eccentrics, or one Eccentrics and one Eccentrics 2, and so on.

The top 25 qualifiers who have the most Radix Art NFTs will receive one or more reward drop NFTs. Collectors who hold more than others in the group get an extra reward drop NFT or two as well, so there’s no advantage transferring items around to extra accounts.

The top 25 also become charter members of the new Radix Art Social Club! More details about the Club below.

All other qualifiers are entered in a raffle. 50 of them will randomly win a reward drop item. Each Radix Art NFT you hold will be an entry in the raffle, so again there’s no advantage transferring items to other accounts. Just hold your own. ;)

The remaining reward drop items will be given away in contests and other ways.

I’ll take a snapshot of holder addresses roughly 2 weeks from now, around the time the reward drop date is announced.

Radix Art Social Club (RASC)

Of course, the Radix Art Social Club is patterned after our friend shvembldr’s hugely successful TBOA club. It's a way to build connections among long-term collectors and thank you all for being there! Each RASC member will get:

  • One or more airdropped NFTs from the upcoming reward drop
  • One or more airdropped NFTs from future reward drops (no promises, but I’ll try to do one twice a year)
  • Early access to other Radix drops and ArtBlocks releases, whenever possible
  • A special double-secret Discord channel for RASC members, to put the Social in the Social Club.

Can't wait to share the reward drop collection with everyone, whether in the Club or not. I'm grateful to all who have supported my artwork during our shared generative art journey!