The Snapshot

It's not the group selfie kind of snapshot, but the account snapshot that was taken yesterday. The top 25 collectors, in terms of pieces held from at least two Radix collections, are invited to join the new Radix Art Social Club.

Charter Members

Congrats to the 25 charter members of RASC, listed here:

List of RASC charter members

It was a tight race for 25th place. Six holders held a total of six pieces, but there was only one slot left. The tiebreaker was how many of the pieces were minted or purchased on the collection's mint day. The last spot was claimed by jabjabx who acquired 5 of their 6 pieces on mint days.

The first rewards for club members will be mints in the upcoming reward drop. The top 5 holders will get three mints, 5th-10th place holders get two, and everyone else one.

Also stay tuned for a page here on the site where you can check the club status, and a Radix Art Discord server channel where we can chat.

Raffle for the Reward Drop

All other collectors who have at least two pieces from two different Radix collections will be entered in a raffle for reward drop mints. Each piece owned counts as a separate raffle entry.

Fifty mints are reserved for the raffle winners, and 109 collectors qualified for the raffle. So the chances of winning are a little under 50% depending on how many pieces are owned. I'll post more details about the raffle process and the reward drop itself soon.

The full snapshot is available in this Google Sheet.

Thanks again to everyone who has bought and supported my generative art collections on ArtBlocks!